2.1. A Quick Start

Welcome! This guide will show you how to control FLUX Delta’s movement in FLUX Delta’s SDK mode.


Required firmware version for FLUX Delta is v1.3+. You can download it from here.

2.1.1. Finding IP Address

You can get the IP address of your FLUX Delta by running utility program flux_discover in terminal.

$ flux_discover
## Returns ##

                            UUID Serial     PWD       ## Name
                         IP Addr Version    Model
46314b30002f6c86d2b02c73dead910b F1K0690047 YES       ## Simon's Delta
          1.1.7      delta-1

The IP of FLUX Delta is To know how to fetch device IP programmatically, kindly check the guide of discovering devices.

2.1.2. Establishing a connection in SDK mode

To start controlling the motion of the machine, you’ll have to establish a connection with FLUX Delta, the class fluxclient.sdk.delta.Delta provides a simple way to connect machine, and switch the connection into SDK mode ( free motion ). Controlling task status is described in here.

Open up your favorite text editor, paste and modify following example code:

from fluxclient.sdk.delta import Delta

# Connects to machine
my_delta = Delta.connect_delta(ip='', password='flux', kick=True, blocking=False)

# Moves to origin

# Moves the toolhead to position:(0, 0, 80)
my_delta.move(0, 0, 80)

# Moves to origin

# Disconnects with the machine

Save it into connect_flux.py, and run python3 connect_flux.py, then you will see the machine moving according to your commands.


The parameter blocking in fluxclient.sdk.delta.Delta.connect_delta() means that local computer send new commands only if the machine finished prior commands.

2.1.3. More commands

Kindly check documentation of fluxclient.sdk.delta.Delta.