4.3.3. Scanner

class fluxclient.scanner.image_to_pc.image_to_pc(steps, scan_settings)

docstring for image_to_pc


convert buffer_data(bytes readin from jpg) into image -> (numpy.ndarray, uint8)

feed(buffer_O, buffer_L, buffer_R, step, l_cab, r_cab)

feed 3 picture buffer and a step index note that this step index is the input p1[x-coordinate, y-coord, z-coord, r, g, b, step, x, y]


convert points to bytes input format:

[[x-coordinate, y-coord, z-coord, r, g, b],
[x-coordinate, y-coord, z-coord, r, g, b], [x-coordinate, y-coord, z-coord, r, g, b] ]

output format: check https://github.com/flux3dp/fluxghost/wiki/websocket-3dscan-control


merge left and right scanned points find which side is brighter, use it as base use Left side as base

fluxclient.scanner.image_to_pc.print_progress(step, total)

print progress on screen


range function that support float


add fixed size box